Funding and time are constraints that previously held the managing departments of this educational module back from investing in a branding overhaul. Coordinators of the program created promotional materials that improved each year, but did not encompass the University's brand of clean lines and intellectual authority.
Changes include:
Removing 90% of text, since detailed information can be typed into webpages and emails, making said information more accessible to individuals who use screen readers.
A simple, consistent unifying image and format for each asset type needed to promote the module.
Color ways tailored to the observations that are most related to the module content.

Previous Promotional Images
Updated Brand
Promotional materials for specific visibility days
As a point of inclusion for Valentine's Day, many of the smaller hearts are filled with gender identity and sexual orientation pride flags. These especially highlight lesser known and frequently erased identities as a way to highlight that there is no single meaning for "queer" and no one right way to be in relationship with another.
A note:
The term "queer" was historically used as a slur against LGBTQ (and most visibly gay) people. Some LGBTIQA+ communities have reclaimed it as an identity or umbrella term that rejects respectability. Young people make up a large part of these communities and, as the program exists in a space that is predominately ages 18-26, the term was deemed appropriate.

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