You have a gorgeous idea.
But you're not a designer, and you don't exactly have the time to learn an entirely new skill set.
I created Beautiful Ideas because I’ve seen the ideas of brilliant people go unrealized far too often, just because their audience wasn't drawn to the presentation long enough to understand. 
Design isn’t just pretty pictures and colors ...
It’s a tool to break down information and convey nonverbal cues that will help your folks get on board. Big business uses it to push products that aren’t even all that useful or thoughtful. You can use it to give a leg up to your vision.
I’m Mariel, and I'm glad you've found me.
I create print layouts, branding materials and illustrations for passionate creatives and organizers who have things to get done. Beautiful Ideas is a TINY operation -- it's just me, my experience, and a laptop. Preferably in one of my area's amazing independent coffee shops! 
This is a passion project, not my day-job, so I do most of the work on weekends and only with ideas that I find irresistible. Nothing is better than working with passionate people, and I want to make sure you have that experience with me.

Take a look at my portfolio, then drop me a line when you’re ready for visuals worthy of your ideas!
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